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    п»ї[b] What exams should a gynecological check up have? [/b]
    In Mexico, about 5 thousand women die every year from cervical cancer, according to the National Foundation for Cervical Cancer, while 15.4% die from breast cancer. Situation that can be prevented with the performance of a gynecological check up.

    You should go at least once a year with your gynecologist, who through a series of exams can detect injuries and even certain types of cancer in a timely manner, says Miguel Corres Molina, gynecologist oncologist ClГ­nica MastolГіgica Lomas .

    There are offices that carry out economic reviews and the government has implemented campaigns for women to take tests free of charge, “he adds.

    The specialist tells you what exams have to include a gynecological check up and because for Salud180 you are the most important we invite you to know our online service Yobienbien.com where you can receive discounts in these studies, plus you We give 50 pesos as a gift on your first purchase.

    1. Pap test

    Designed to detect cervical cancer, it is done when the sex life is already active. Two days before going to your gynecologist avoid having sex, says the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE).

    2. HPV test

    Patients over 30 years of age must necessarily add to their check-up the test to detect human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes about 17,600 new cases of cancer per year, the Centers report. Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC).

    3. Mastography

    It will need annually from the age of 40, if you have a history with first-generation relatives who have had breast cancer, this test is vital. It allows to detect tumors even less than 1cm, which would not be found in a self-examination or clinical review.

    4. Colposcopy

    With the help of a microscope and a powerful light, the cervix is ​​checked for lesions, spots or abnormal areas. During the procedure, a laser can be used to cauterize or burn areas with problems, according to the Patient Education Institute.

    About 30% of cancer cases, such as breast and cervical cancer, can be prevented through timely examinations, says the World Health Organization (WHO).
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