Todays topic is the little “extras” that can bring any individual some extra money when selling their used panties.

First of all, for many the Standard Panties are used panties which have been worn for 24 hours and maybe masturbated in too. The panties are then sent in a ziplock bag (for freshness). These are usually the norm for most punters.

Longer Wear panties is when a punter will request a girl to wear her panties for more than a day. This can be used as a means to charge more. Also you should decide beforehand your boundaries as there are obvious hygiene issues here.

Exercise panties are worn while the girl exercises. They tend to become more stinkier which can please certain men.

Butt Musk panties, there are when a scent of your butt is included on the panties.

Stuffed Panties are panties which have been stuffed inside a girls vagina while she masturbated. They are very stinky and wet.

Pee Panties will have scent of pee on them. Either they have endured a few pee dribbles, or pee has been soaked through, depending on what the buyer and seller decide upon.

Poo panties are panties with skid marks on them. These are more rarely requested as you can imagine.

Sex panties are panties worn after unprotected sex with a guy and have a mixture of both scented juices.

I feel as though I’ve missed something… if you can see what it is, comment, tweet, email… just get in contact and let me know!

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