I am a typical college student.. have no money and always owing money. One day I was looking online for ways to make some extra cash. I accidentally stumbled across people selling their used panties and other goods, at first I wouldn’t even consider it. However after reading how easy it was and the amount of money I could make I decided to give it a go. I uploaded my first thong onto Fetbido and within a 3 days someone had snapped it up for £15. I decided to upload a few more and now i’m making a tidy living from it. I sell around 7 pairs a week now between 20 guys who are my regular customer base. I also offer Skype webcam shows where I wear and take off my panties that i’m going to sell. I don’t show my face but I charge £2 a minute! Not bad eh! From this new little earner, I make about £1000 a month. I have also got some of my other friends into it- we love it.

– Picture distorted to protect privacy

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